Connection through contribution

We connect employees to each other and the underlying ‘why’ of their organisation through experiences of contributing to causes and communities
The Connection Problem

Only 30% of employees are actively committed to doing a good job, and the number one cause of this low result is the lack of meaningful affiliation between employees. (Gallup’s 2015 State of the American Workplace Report)

Google’s Project Aristotle revealed that “…if a company wants to outstrip its competitors, it needs to influence not only how people work but also how they work together.”

Our Mission

We harness the power of experiences to transform the workplace. 

We create a deep connection between employees, bringing them together as a team, and altering how they view work.  We transform the possibilities of human resources, creating incredible outcomes from employee morale to staff turnover.


Employees are like puzzle pieces. Often, there is too much of a focus on getting the right pieces and not enough of a focus on putting the pieces together. Once the puzzle pieces are connected, something beautiful is created…

When employees are able to experience the power of coming together through assisting a cause or community, be it farmers in rural NSW or disaster restoration in Fiji, the workplace environment and ultimately the business transforms.

Culture is often thought of as nice chairs, a slide between levels, or taking your employees to the Melbourne Cup. In reality, it is something much deeper.

The Experiences provide a powerful opportunity to re-shape culture at a root level and lead to dramatic improvements in synergy, productivity, staff turnover and employee morale…

Our Process.

1. Analysis of the problem

The journey begins when Verjo works to identify the manifestation of the connection problem and examines what would be possible if it was solved

2. Development of experience

Verjo works with its partners to develop a unique contribution-centric experience, taking into account factors such as team members skills and passions

3. The experience

This is where the rubber hits the road… Verjo also provides pre-experience and post-experience support.

Explore what’s possible when teams transform

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